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In a NutShell

​ABE Arens Brothers Environmental is a Federal and State permitted Hazardous Waste Transportation facility. The facility is a ten day transfers station, not open to the public.

We service Northern California, the San Francisco Bay Area, and Sacramento Sierra Nevada with chemical waste disposal.

What We Do

A little bit of everything

Our California hazardous waste disposal company is heavily involved with the transportation and disposal of waste paint, oily debris, flammables, contaminated soil, sludge, chemical waste, lab pack, analyticals, and the list goes on. We also provide services to county and state sectors.

We’re With You

every step of the way

Our corporate office for environmental services in CA sits in beautiful El Dorado County California, where most jobs are dispatched from. ABE offers servicing for all jobs, big and small. Our sales and support staff are expertly trained and specialize in hazardous waste transportation and disposal.

We’re The Experts

And you’re in business to stay in business

ABE remains compliant with the highest standards of environmental regulations pertaining to the hazardous waste industry. Additionally, we work to assist our clients with their own regulatory compliance.

Because Hazardous waste in California is tracked Cradle to Grave, we offer environmental consulting to assist our clients in this area.

Our Leadership

ABE’s exemplary sales, support, and field staff have been raised from the ground up by the true experts in the field.



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ABE Arens Brothers Environmental began in El Dorado County in 2001. We have been in business for nearly 20 years, and have a combined total experience of nearly 50 years. Our team is trained and certified to manage industrial hazardous waste sites.

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